Agricultural & Fertilizer inspection


– Agricultural products: rice, corn, bean, cashew nut, ground-nut, soya bean, pepper, coffee bean, fresh fruit and flower, ornamental plant/fish/livestock, seed, breeding animal, animal feed, raw cotton, jute…

– Forestry products: log, saw-log, wooden chips, interior wooden furniture, handicraft raw material, medical herb, essential oil, star aniseed, cinnamon, rubber, turpentine…

– Fertilizer: Ure, SA, DAP, NPK…


– Inspection of condition, package, quantity, weight, quality, preservation method, dunnage and stowage condition of cargo at warehouse/store before loading (PSI)

– Supervision of receipt and delivery process at warehouse

– Quantity/weight inspection (by Vessel/Barge draft survey, scale and brigde scale…)

– Carrier’s holds cleanliness inspection

– Inspection of the goods during loading/ discharging

– Packing/Marking inspection

– Verification of origin of goods

– Condition/Damage survey

Sampling for laboratory testing

Analyzing and testing services

– Damage survey: inspect condition of damaged cargoes, determine the reason and extent of the damage, consult to reduce extent of damage.

Weighing/SDT/Sampling inspection as ICA rule for Cotton

– Warehouse inventory inspection

– Storage Facility – Due Diligence inspection

– Factory Evaluation


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