Marine inspection

Water tightness test of cargo holds

Inspection of water tightness of cargo holds to ensure that cargo holds are not infiltrated by water affect goods during transport. For further advice on hold water tightness test service of IMI Vietnam, please contact: IMI Vietnam Co., Ltd Address: 2/101 Phuong Khe Street, Dong Hoa Ward, Kien An District, Haiphong…Xem chi tiết

Frozen cargo inspection

The cargoes must be transported in the form of frozen goods include: meat of livestock and poultry, food … Frozen goods are transported in Thermal containers: This type of container is designed to transport goods that require controlling the temperature inside the container at a certain level. Side walls and…Xem chi tiết

Bitumen inspection

Bitumen or Asphalt usually in two forms: Liquid bitumen at temperature above 100 degrees C: This type is often transported by specialized ship tanker and pumped to a dedicated shore tank with heating system … Asphalt solidifies at normal temperature: This type is usually packed in drums, then packed into containers…Xem chi tiết

Coking coal inspection

Coking coal is a type of coal to produce metallurgical coke. Currently, this source of coal in Vietnam is not much, so for many years we have to import coking coal to produce coke. Therefore, the amount of coking coal imported into Vietnam is increasing. The specification of commercial coking coal is…Xem chi tiết

Iron ore inspection

Iron ore is a natural raw material exploited worldwide, this material is processed for use in the steel manufacturing industry. Initially, iron ore was crushed and then screened to separate into lumps and fine iron ore. If iron (Fe) content in treated ore is> 60%, it is transported directly to…Xem chi tiết

TML inspection

The transportable moisture limit inspection (TML inspection) is usually done with cargo which may liquefy such as bran/fine ore including nickel ore, fine iron ore, copper concentrates … can liquefy and move if the moisture content is inherent to it’s too big. The biggest consequence of liquefied cargo is the movement of…Xem chi tiết