Oil, Gas and Petrochemical inspection

Bitumen inspection

Bitumen or Asphalt usually in two forms: Liquid bitumen at temperature above 100 degrees C: This type is often transported by specialized ship tanker and pumped to a dedicated shore tank with heating system … Asphalt solidifies at normal temperature: This type is usually packed in drums, then packed into containers…Xem chi tiết

On-off hire bunker survey

On-off hire bunker survey or Bunker on-off hire survey is quantity inspection of Marine Diesel Oil (DO) and Marine Fuel Oil (FO) remaining onboard at the time and place of on-hire or off-hire. The on-hire or off-hire/delivery location is normally indicated at buoy zero, pilot station … when the vessel arrives or…Xem chi tiết

Bunkering inspection

Bunkering inspection or bunker survey is quantity inspection and quality inspection when supply bunker (FO and/or DO). Quantitative inspection for Bunkering is gauged of all tanks of mother vessel and witnessed regardless of whether or not they are delivery tanks as per vessel tank plan before and after delivery of…Xem chi tiết

Liquefied gas inspection (LPG & LAG)

IMI is a company with many years of experience in the field of inspection of the quantity and quality of liquefied gas, there are two types of liquefied gases that are transported by specialized vessels such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied ammonia gas (LAG). Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG):…Xem chi tiết

Gas free inspection

IMI measures and checks the inertia status of cargo tank systems and cargo handling lines in different locations and certifies that these positions are inert by: Carry out actual measurement of O2, i- C4H10 , H2S, CO concentration and lower explosion limit (LEL) by specialized gas measuring device. For details, please contact as…Xem chi tiết

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical inspection

INSPECTION OBJECT: Crude oil, gasoline, aviation gasoline, diesel oil, petroleum, FO, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), raw gas, asphalt (bitumen), liquid cargoes and industrial chemicals…… INSPECTION SERVICE: – Supervision of loading and discharging on board, shore-tank – Quantitative measurement and calculation of ship-tanks – Quantitative measurement and calculation of shore-tanks –…Xem chi tiết