Bitumen inspection

Bitumen or Asphalt usually in two forms:

Liquid bitumen at temperature above 100 degrees C: This type is often transported by specialized ship tanker and pumped to a dedicated shore tank with heating system …

Specialized ship tanker carrying liquid bitumen

Asphalt solidifies at normal temperature: This type is usually packed in drums, then packed into containers for transport.

Asphalt solidifies at normal temperature is packed in drums

Inspection scope of bitumen as below:

Liquid bitumen at temperatures above 100 degrees C:

  • Ship arrival quantity inspection
  • Ship’s discharged/loaded quantity inspection
  • Ship’s discharged/loaded quantity inspection (applied VEF)
  • Discharging/Loading supervision
  • Ship’s ROB inspection by Wedge calculation
  • Quality inspection (sampling and sample analysis)
  • Shore receipt inspection/Shore tanks inspection

Asphalt solidifies at normal temperature in drums/container

  • Quantity inspection by tally count number of drum
  • Weight inspection by weighscale (drum by drum weightment or container weightment)
  • Condition inspection, stuffing, stowage
  • Quality inspection (sampling and sample analysis)

The analysis parameters for asphalt samples are as follows:

No.: Testing items Unit Testing method
1 Penetration at 25oC, 0.1mm, 5s 0,1mm ASTM or TCVN
2 Penetration Index (PI)
3 Softening Point (R&B method) oC
4 Dynamic viscosity at 60oC Pa.s
5 Ductility at 25oC, 5cm/min cm
6 Wax Paraffin Content %
7 Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup) oC
8 Solubility in Trichloroethylenen %
9 Specific Gravity g/cm3
10 Thin Film Oven Testing (TFOT)
Change of Mass %
Retained Penetration, % of Original %
Ductility at 25oC, 5cm/min cm
11 Coating Criteria (Boiling Method) Level


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