Bunkering inspection

Bunkering inspection or bunker survey is quantity inspection and quality inspection when supply bunker (FO and/or DO).

Quantitative inspection for Bunkering is gauged of all tanks of mother vessel and witnessed regardless of whether or not they are delivery tanks as per vessel tank plan before and after delivery of the bunker…

Bunker requisition form will be filled up by vessel and barge prior pumping of the bunker containing product name, grade, density , water content , flash point and sulphur content.

Bunkering sample will be collected at ship’s manifold during bunkering. This is compulsory as per IMO MARPOL. regulation.

Bunker samples will be divided and distributed as below:
– One sample for the vessel
– One MARPOL sample for the vessel’s retention
– One sample for the bunker tanker
– One sample for the bunker surveyor
– One sample for analysis (for the bunker surveyor), if the quality bunker inspection is required (If quality is not require, this sample need not be collected)

Testing parameters of bunker sample as below:

Grade: DO  Grade: FO
No. Analysis Parameter Unit Method No. Analysis Parameter Unit Method
1  Density @ 15 Deg C  kg/l ASTM D1298 1 Density @ 15 Deg C kg/l ASTM D1298
2  Viscosity @ 40 Deg C cSt  ASTM D445 2  Kinematic Viscosity @ 50 Deg C cSt  ASTM D445

 Distillation Rec at:

– At 50%

– At 90%


Deg C

Deg C




3 Water %vol ASTM D95
4  Flash Point Deg C ASTM D93 4  Flash Point Deg C  ASTM D93
5 Copper Corrosion   (3Hrs at 50 Deg C) ASTM D130 5  Calorific Value KJ/kg ASTM D240
6  Carbon Conradson Residue  %wt ASTM D189 6  Carbon Conradson Residue %wt  ASTM D189
7  Sulphur  %wt  ASTM D4294 7  Sulphur %wt  ASTM D4294
8  Ash  %wt  ASTM D482 8 Ash  %wt  ASTM D482
9  Cetane Index  ASTM D4737 9  Sediment by extraction %wt  ASTM D473
10  Pour Point Deg C  ASTM D97 10  Pour Point Deg C  ASTM D97
11  Water mg/kg ASTM E203 11  Vanadium  ppm IP 501
12  Particulate Contaminant µm ASTM D2276 12  Sodium  ppm  IP 501
13  Lubrication  mg/l  ASTM D6079 13 Aluminium + Silicon  ppm  IP 501
14  Appearance ASTM D4176 14  Calcium  ppm  IP 501
15  Gross calorific value  Cla/g ASTM D240 15 Zinc ppm  IP 501
16  Phosphorus ppm IP 501

For further detail of Bunkering inspection or bunker survey of IMI Vietnam, Please contact as below:

IMI Vietnam Co., Ltd

Address: 2/101 Phuong Khe Street, Dong Hoa Ward, Kien An District, Haiphong City, Vietnam

Email: info@imi.vn

Hotline: +84 372 190781

Website: www.imi.vn

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