On-off hire bunker survey

On-off hire bunker survey or Bunker on-off hire survey is quantity inspection of Marine Diesel Oil (DO) and Marine Fuel Oil (FO) remaining onboard at the time and place of on-hire or off-hire.

The on-hire or off-hire/delivery location is normally indicated at buoy zero, pilot station … when the vessel arrives or leaves the port. Therefore, on-off hire bunker survey is carried out by the tanks’ soundings and gauging of the Marine Fuel Oil and Marine Diesel Oil when the ship arrives or upon departure (done when the ship is in port), then based on the ship’s fuel consumption norms to calculate the quantity of DO and FO on board at the time and place of on-hire/off-hire.

IMI certification includes information: The time and location of ship delivery, the time and place to verify bunker on board, quantity of bunker at the time and place of inspection, quantity of bunker at the time and place of on-hire/off-hire…

With a team of marine surveyors have many years of experience, IMI has conducted on-off hire bunker survey for many Ship owners, Ship operators, Charterers, Shipping agents … at Vietnam and foreign.

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