Iron ore inspection

Iron ore is a natural raw material exploited worldwide, this material is processed for use in the steel manufacturing industry.

Initially, iron ore was crushed and then screened to separate into lumps and fine iron ore. If iron (Fe) content in treated ore is> 60%, it is transported directly to the factory to produce iron and steel.

In commercial trade, there are many types of iron ore with different particle sizes and Fe content:

Fine iron ore
Lumps iron ore

Iron ore inspection scopes of IMI Vietnam are as follows:

1. Pre-shipment inspection at warehouse/open yard (PSI inspection)

2. Loading/Discharging inspection

3. Analysis parameters as below:

Chemical composition

Physical composition

No.: Item No.: Item
1 Fe 1 Tumble Index (% +6.3mm)
2 Moisture 2 Abrasion Index (%-0.5mm)
3 SiO2 3 Cold compression strength (daN/p)
4 Al2O3 4 Porosity
5 CaO 5 Reducibility – Linder at 860 deg C
6 Go 6 Bulk density
7 T.Fe
8 MgO
9 MnO
10 TiO2
11 K2O
12 Na2O
13 V2O5
14 Phosphorous
15 Sulfur
16 LOI
17 Cu
18 Zn
19 Pb

For further advice on iron ore inspection service of IMI Vietnam, please contact:

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