Metal and mineral inspection


Coal, Coke

– Ores, Ferroalloys, Iron ore, Manganese ore, Pig iron…

– Construction materials (Cement, Clinker, all types of brick, glass,  Silica sand, Stone, …)

– Metal (Antimony, Alumilum …)

– Steel products, Steel billets, Steel scrap for melting

– …


– Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)

– Quantity/weight inspection (by Vessel/Barge draft survey, scale and brigde scale…)

– Carrier’s holds cleanliness inspection

– Inspection of the goods during loading/discharging

– Packing/Marking inspection

– Verification of origin of goods

– Condition/Damage survey

– Sampling for laboratory testing

– Analyzing and testing service

– Grading inspection (as ISRI Standard, Japan Standard, HongKong Standard…) with Steel scrap for melting

– Other specific service on request


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IMI Vietnam Co., Ltd

Address: 2/101 Phuong Khe Street, Dong Hoa Ward, Kien An District, Haiphong City, Vietnam

Phone: +84 225 2614 530 /Hotline: +84 372 190781

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