Ferroalloys inspection

Ferroalloys include the following types:

Ferrochromium (FeCr), Ferrosilicochromium (FeSiCr), Ferrosilicon (FeSi), Ferrosilicomanganese (FeSiMn), Ferromanganese (FeMn), Ferrotitanium (FeTi), Ferromolybdenum (FeMo), Ferrotungsten (FeW), Ferroniobium (FeNb), Ferrovanadium (FeV).

FeCr inspection
FeSi inspection
FeMn inspection
SiMn inspection
FeMo inspection

Inspection of a ferroalloy shipment is to check the condition, quantity/weight and quality based on the Sale contract, L/C and ISO/ASTM/TCVN standards for ferroalloys.

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