Marine Inspection

INSPECTION OBJECT: Maritime transportation means… Cargoes on board, barge, tank and container… INSPECTION SERVICE: – Seaworthiness survey of the ship – Cleanliness of hold and ship’s hold suitability survey – Ultrasonic inspection of ship’s hatch cover – Supervision the goods before and during loading and discharging – Measurement volume of…Xem chi tiết

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical inspection

INSPECTION OBJECT: Crude oil, gasoline, aviation gasoline, diesel oil, petroleum, FO, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), raw gas, asphalt (bitumen), liquid cargoes and industrial chemicals…… INSPECTION SERVICE: – Supervision of loading and discharging on board, shore-tank – Quantitative measurement and calculation of ship-tanks – Quantitative measurement and calculation of shore-tanks –…Xem chi tiết

Agricultural & Fertilizer inspection

INSPECTION OBJECTS: – Agricultural products: rice, corn, bean, cashew nut, ground-nut, soya bean, pepper, coffee bean, fresh fruit and flower, ornamental plant/fish/livestock, seed, breeding animal, animal feed, raw cotton, jute… – Forestry products: log, saw-log, wooden chips, interior wooden furniture, handicraft raw material, medical herb, essential oil, star aniseed, cinnamon, rubber, turpentine… –…Xem chi tiết

Metal and mineral inspection

INSPECTION OBJECT: – Coal, Coke – Ores, Ferroalloys, Iron ore, Manganese ore, Pig iron… – Construction materials (Cement, Clinker, all types of brick, glass,  Silica sand, Stone, …) – Metal (Antimony, Alumilum …) – Steel products, Steel billets, Steel scrap for melting – … INSPECTION SERVICE: – Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)…Xem chi tiết