Industrial inspection


– Production lines, equipments of civil, industrial, transportation, irrigation project, machinery and equipment, spare parts, specialized machinery

– Transportation vehicles, auto, motorbike, specialized truck

– Electrical, electronics devices, telecommunications, medical and school equipments

– Raw materials for steel/ iron production, end-products of steel, iron.


– Inspection of materials: quantity, weight and type of materials.

– Production process supervision: (quality control) frequently and continuously  at  production  site  for  controlling (supervising) quantity, operational progress, standard applied for the product, quality of raw materials, composition, component parts or quality management system, occupational safety …

– Pre – shipment  inspection: Quantity inspection, specification, goods condition, package, stowage -dunnage- lashing at warehouse/store/open yard.

– Before loading or discharging/ opening hatches: inspect goods condition and stowage of cargoes.

During  loading or discharging: supervise  the loading/discharging operation, package condition, cargoes  stowage/dannage and lashing in the hold; quantitative inspection and damage survey, supervise the handling of cargoes from transportation mean to warehouse.

– At  the  plant  site: quantitative  inspection  and goods  condition, inspection  of  damaged packages during the transportation process from port to plant site, inspection of actual types and specification of goods comparing with documents of goods lot, inspection of goods origin, synchronism of machinery system, supervision of the installation, testing during the course of running with/without load with each individual equipment, start-up supervision, trial run supervision, inspection of remaining quality percentage of second-hand machinery, inspection cargoes condition and preservation in the warehouse of destination port.

Lashing inspection


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