Industrial inspection

Frozen cargo inspection

The cargoes must be transported in the form of frozen goods include: meat of livestock and poultry, food … Frozen goods are transported in Thermal containers: This type of container is designed to transport goods that require controlling the temperature inside the container at a certain level. Side walls and…Xem chi tiết

Phosphorus yellow inspection

PHOSPHORUS YELLOW, UNDER WATER (P4) was packed in galvanized steel drum with thickness of 1.4mm. Non-removable cap, tight head, flat end/ bottom,  two openings, two closures for openings with plastic gaskets. The capacity of steel drum printed on drum’s body as: Gross weight about 250kgs. UN-No. : 1381 Dangerous class…Xem chi tiết

Garment product inspection

Garment product inspection scopes of IMI Vietnam includes: Checking container status before stuffing Checking packing and marking of cargo Stuffing supervision, Checking stowage and dunnage Tally, Quantity inspection Weight checking (Random – if required) Seal container’s door right after complete stuffing Take photos during inspection Other specific inspection scope For…Xem chi tiết

Lashing inspection

Lashing inspection is an assessment of whether the cargo are properly stowed and secured, thus determining whether seaworthiness is available. In other words, the assessment considers whether stowage, dunnage and securing to ensure safe transportation and delivery of the subject shipments to the intended destination. Cargo need to be lashing inspected…Xem chi tiết

Stockpile Quantity Survey

Stockpile quantity survey is determination of stockpile volumetric by using Total Station 3D Laser and determination of cargo bulk density at site by actual weighing of sampled cargo, in order to determine quantity stockpile by using volumetric survey. Tonnage was computed by multiplying the volume obtained with bulk density tested on…Xem chi tiết

Industrial inspection

INSPECTION OBJECT: – Production lines, equipments of civil, industrial, transportation, irrigation project, machinery and equipment, spare parts, specialized machinery – Transportation vehicles, auto, motorbike, specialized truck – Electrical, electronics devices, telecommunications, medical and school equipments – Raw materials for steel/ iron production, end-products of steel, iron. … INSPECTION SERVICE: –…Xem chi tiết