Agri-Commodities and Fertilizers Inspection

Cassia inspection

Inspection of a cassia shipment is checking packing, marking, supervision stuffing/un-stuffing, tally count, check weight, sampling and testing… Testing/analysis parameters of cassia as below: Oil level Admixture Moisture Thickness Length Rolled shape Broken Color … For further advice on cassia inspection service of IMI Vietnam, please contact: IMI Vietnam Co., Ltd Address:…Xem chi tiết

Frozen cargo inspection

The cargoes must be transported in the form of frozen goods include: meat of livestock and poultry, food … Frozen goods are transported in Thermal containers: This type of container is designed to transport goods that require controlling the temperature inside the container at a certain level. Side walls and…Xem chi tiết

TML inspection

The transportable moisture limit inspection (TML inspection) is usually done with cargo which may liquefy such as bran/fine ore including nickel ore, fine iron ore, copper concentrates … can liquefy and move if the moisture content is inherent to it’s too big. The biggest consequence of liquefied cargo is the movement of…Xem chi tiết

Animal feeds inspection

It is estimated that the import value of animal feeds and raw materials in Vietnam is huge. Vietnam imports animal feeds and raw materials mainly from Argentina, the United States, India, China, Australia, Thailand… Types of animal feeds imported into Vietnam are: Maize, Soybean meal, Wheat bran, DDGS (Distillers Dried…Xem chi tiết

Stockpile Quantity Survey

Stockpile quantity survey is determination of stockpile volumetric by using Total Station 3D Laser and determination of cargo bulk density at site by actual weighing of sampled cargo, in order to determine quantity stockpile by using volumetric survey. Tonnage was computed by multiplying the volume obtained with bulk density tested on…Xem chi tiết

Sulphur inspection

    IMI inspect the quantity and quality of Sulphur in bulk. This can vary from factory inspection during production to random inspection of final stored products and from laboratory testing to on-site inspection at loading and discharging. Our service: Vessel draft survey Barge draft survey Discharging supervision Sampling during discharging…Xem chi tiết