Metals and Minerals inspection

Limeston inspection

Limestone is a CaO rich rock (over 50% of the amount of minerals) concentrated mainly in the northern provinces of Vietnam. Limestone, after being exploited, is crushed into different kinds of particle size for export depending on the requirements of the contract, usually there are types: stone powder, crushed stone…Xem chi tiết

Coking coal inspection

Coking coal is a type of coal to produce metallurgical coke. Currently, this source of coal in Vietnam is not much, so for many years we have to import coking coal to produce coke. Therefore, the amount of coking coal imported into Vietnam is increasing. The specification of commercial coking coal is…Xem chi tiết

Metallurgical coke inspection

Coke is a product made of coking coal, a type of coal that contains less sulfur and less ash due to the process of coking coal into coke in anaerobic conditions above 1000 ° С. Volatile components such as water, coal gas and coal ash have been removed almost completely….Xem chi tiết

Iron ore inspection

Iron ore is a natural raw material exploited worldwide, this material is processed for use in the steel manufacturing industry. Initially, iron ore was crushed and then screened to separate into lumps and fine iron ore. If iron (Fe) content in treated ore is> 60%, it is transported directly to…Xem chi tiết

Ferroalloys inspection

Ferroalloys include the following types: Ferrochromium (FeCr), Ferrosilicochromium (FeSiCr), Ferrosilicon (FeSi), Ferrosilicomanganese (FeSiMn), Ferromanganese (FeMn), Ferrotitanium (FeTi), Ferromolybdenum (FeMo), Ferrotungsten (FeW), Ferroniobium (FeNb), Ferrovanadium (FeV). Inspection of a ferroalloy shipment is to check the condition, quantity/weight and quality based on the Sale contract, L/C and ISO/ASTM/TCVN standards for ferroalloys. For…Xem chi tiết

Antimony metal inspection

Antimony metal (atomic symbol Sb) is a shiny silver metal, it belongs to a group of non-metallic elements and is a poor conductor and conductor of heat. The pure form of antimony is used to produce certain types of semiconductors, such as diodes and infrared detectors … An alloy of…Xem chi tiết