Metals and Minerals inspection

Stockpile Quantity Survey

Stockpile quantity survey is determination of stockpile volumetric by using Total Station 3D Laser and determination of cargo bulk density at site by actual weighing of sampled cargo, in order to determine quantity stockpile by using volumetric survey. Tonnage was computed by multiplying the volume obtained with bulk density tested on…Xem chi tiết

Steel scrap inspection

IMI is one of the leading inspection companies in the field of steel scrap inspection, we specialize in inspection the quantity and quality (grading) of steel scrap shipments. For bulk shipments carried by vessels: Usually the inspection of quantity/weight will be carried out by vessel’s draft survey and/or weighing by truck bridge…Xem chi tiết

Cement & Clinker inspection

           IMI inspect the quantity and quality of Cement and Clinker. This can vary from factory inspection during production to random inspection of final stored products, and from laboratory inspection to on-site inspection at loading and discharging Our service Vessel draft survey and/or Barge draft survey…Xem chi tiết

Draft survey

The basic principle of Vessel or Barge draft survey is the application of Archimedes’ law. “A free floating object in water will occupy a volume of water of mass equal to its mass.” The quantity of cargo carried on board is calculated by determining the amount of water occupied by…Xem chi tiết

Metal and mineral inspection

INSPECTION OBJECT: – Coal, Coke – Ores, Ferroalloys, Iron ore, Manganese ore, Pig iron… – Construction materials (Cement, Clinker, all types of brick, glass,  Silica sand, Stone, …) – Metal (Antimony, Alumilum …) – Steel products, Steel billets, Steel scrap for melting – … INSPECTION SERVICE: – Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)…Xem chi tiết