Cassia inspection

Inspection of a cassia shipment is checking packing, marking, supervision stuffing/un-stuffing, tally count, check weight, sampling and testing… Testing/analysis parameters of cassia as below: Oil level Admixture Moisture Thickness Length Rolled shape Broken Color … For further advice on cassia inspection service of IMI Vietnam, please contact: IMI Vietnam Co., Ltd Address:…Xem chi tiết

Water tightness test of cargo holds

Inspection of water tightness of cargo holds to ensure that cargo holds are not infiltrated by water affect goods during transport. For further advice on hold water tightness test service of IMI Vietnam, please contact: IMI Vietnam Co., Ltd Address: 2/101 Phuong Khe Street, Dong Hoa Ward, Kien An District, Haiphong…Xem chi tiết

Limeston inspection

Limestone is a CaO rich rock (over 50% of the amount of minerals) concentrated mainly in the northern provinces of Vietnam. Limestone, after being exploited, is crushed into different kinds of particle size for export depending on the requirements of the contract, usually there are types: stone powder, crushed stone…Xem chi tiết

Frozen cargo inspection

The cargoes must be transported in the form of frozen goods include: meat of livestock and poultry, food … Frozen goods are transported in Thermal containers: This type of container is designed to transport goods that require controlling the temperature inside the container at a certain level. Side walls and…Xem chi tiết

Healtth, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Policy

At IMI, we are committed to and ensuring that all of our operations/activities do not adversely affect the health and safety of our employees and other interested parties. We are also committed to minimize any adverse impact on the environment. In order to achieve these commitments we have established management…Xem chi tiết