Coking coal inspection

Coking coal is a type of coal to produce metallurgical coke. Currently, this source of coal in Vietnam is not much, so for many years we have to import coking coal to produce coke. Therefore, the amount of coking coal imported into Vietnam is increasing.

Coking coal to produce metallurgical coke
Imported coking coal with size from 0 to 50 mm
Coking coal inspection

The specification of commercial coking coal is usually as follows:

  • Moisture:  9% Max
  • Ash:         10% Max
  • Y:             19 mm Min
  • V:             30% – 35%
  • S:             0.7% Max
  • X:             40 mm Min
  • CSN:         7 – 9
  • Size:          0 – 50 mm

Coking coal inspection scopes of IMI Vietnam are as follows:

1. Inspection at warehouse/open yard

2. Loading/Discharging inspection

  • Quantity inspection by Draft survey (Vessel and/or Barge)
  • Quantity inspection by truck weighbridge scale
  • Cargo hold cleanliness inspection
  • Sealing Barge’s cargo holds
  • Loading/discharging supervision
  • Sampling and sample preparation
  • Analysis chemical and physical, sizing analysis
  • Other scope of inspection required

3. Inspection at the receiving Factory

  • Quantity inspection by truck weighbridge scale (Monitoring the process of weighing all trucks at the Factory)
  • Sampling of all trucks at the Factory
  • Prepare the analysis sample
  • Sizing, moisture content determination
  • Analysis of physical and chemical parameters
  • Daily report (Weighing result, Sizing result, Moisture content result)
  • Other scope of inspection required

For further advice on coking coal inspection service of IMI Vietnam, please contact:

IMI Vietnam Co., Ltd

Address: 2/101 Phuong Khe Street, Dong Hoa Ward, Kien An District, Haiphong City, Vietnam


Hotline: +84 372 190781


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