Quality Policy

“Professional – Accurate – Objectively – Timely” 

is a quality policy and at the same time the operation motto of IMI Vietnam Company Limited

1. Professional:
– Profession in during the inspection
– Profession in all activities of the Company
– Complying with the State regulations on commercial inspection activities
2. Accurate:
– Execute accurate and complete inspection of client’s requirements
– Correct use the method of inspection and verification
3. Objectively:
– Always perform the inspection objectively without biasing any party
– Honest in reporting to company and client
– Comply with the rules of professional ethics and state regulations on inspection
4. Timely:
– Always be at the inspection site on time as required by the client
– Timely update, timely report inspection results and problems arising in the inspection process for company and client
– Issuing inspection certificate on time

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