Operating regulations

IMI Vietnam Co., Ltd is a one-member limited liability company established to trade import and export cargo inspection and certification services.

The company provides services including:

Inspection service

Certification service

Analysis services

The general operation regulation of IMI is to comply with the regulations of commercial inspection, comply with the company’s policies and the procedure issued by the company.

Our company’s motto is “Professional – Accurate – Objectively – Timely”

The inspection/certification/analysis is carried out according to client’s requirements at warehouses, yards, factories, river ports, seaports … in cities in the country, in laboratories and in other countries. We are committed to all activities of the Company are legal.

Contact detail as below:

IMI Vietnam Co., Ltd

Address: 2/101 Phuong Khe Street, Dong Hoa Ward, Kien An District, Haiphong City, Vietnam

Email: info@imi.vn or  imi.infomation@gmail.com

Hotline: +84 372 190781

Website: www.imi.vn

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