Quality Policy

“Professional – Accurate – Objectively – Timely”  is a quality policy and at the same time the operation motto of IMI Vietnam Company Limited 1. Professional: – Profession in during the inspection – Profession in all activities of the Company – Complying with the State regulations on commercial inspection activities 2. Accurate: – Execute…Xem chi tiết

Operating regulations

IMI Vietnam Co., Ltd is a one-member limited liability company established to trade import and export cargo inspection and certification services. The company provides services including: Inspection service Marine inspection Metals and Minerals inspection Agri-Commodities and Fertilizers Inspection Oil, Gas and Petrochemical inspection Industrial inspection Certification service Analysis services The general…Xem chi tiết

Information Security Policy

INFORMATION SECURITY POLICY of IMI VIETNAM CO., LTD as follows: PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTION PURPOSE To access and use some services at, you may be asked to register with us for personal information (Email, Full Name, Contact Phone Number, …) . All declaration information must ensure accuracy and legality. IMI…Xem chi tiết

Bitumen inspection

Bitumen or Asphalt usually in two forms: Liquid bitumen at temperature above 100 degrees C: This type is often transported by specialized ship tanker and pumped to a dedicated shore tank with heating system … Asphalt solidifies at normal temperature: This type is usually packed in drums, then packed into containers…Xem chi tiết

Coking coal inspection

Coking coal is a type of coal to produce metallurgical coke. Currently, this source of coal in Vietnam is not much, so for many years we have to import coking coal to produce coke. Therefore, the amount of coking coal imported into Vietnam is increasing. The specification of commercial coking coal is…Xem chi tiết

Metallurgical coke inspection

Coke is a product made of coking coal, a type of coal that contains less sulfur and less ash due to the process of coking coal into coke in anaerobic conditions above 1000 ° С. Volatile components such as water, coal gas and coal ash have been removed almost completely….Xem chi tiết