Full on-off hire survey

Full on-off hire survey is include on-off hire bunker survey and condition survey

On-off hire bunker survey:

On-off hire bunker survey

Vessel condition survey when on-hire or off-hire is to inspection the status of: The vessel’s hull and visible shell plating, Forecastle Deck, Main Deck, Poop Deck, Weather Deck, Cargo Geer, Cargo Holds, Hatch Covers and Coaming, Accommodation Facing, Vessel’s Machinery and Equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment, Life Equipment, Navigation Equipment…and checking the Vessel’s Certificates.

Vessel’s hull checking
Vessel’s navigation equipments checking
Vessel’s machinery checking
Vessel’s machinery checking
Life equipments onboard checking
Fire fighting equipment onboard checking

Types of documents to check include: Certificate of Registry, International Load line Certificate, Certificate of Classification, Safety Construction Certificate, Safety Equipment Certificate, Safety Radio Certificate, I.O.P.P Certificate, International Safety Management Certificate, Document of Compliance, SSCEC, Loading and Stability Booklet…

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